•             NBA TV will televise a full slate of NBA Summer League games with the complete schedule to be announced at a later date. Live game action will also extend across digital platforms.


    NBA Summer League has featured teams whose rosters included seven of the last eight NBA Jerseys Rookie of the Year award winners: Chris Paul (New Orleans, 2005-06), Brandon Roy (Portland, 2006-07), Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City, 2007-08), Tyreke Evans (Sacramento, 2009-10), Blake Griffin (L.A. Clippers, 2010-11), Kyrie Irving (Cleveland, 2011-12) and Damian Lillard (Portland, 2012-13)


    Tickets for NBA Summer League 2013 will go on sale June 1, at 10 a.m. PDT. Fans will be able to purchase tickets by calling 702-739-FANS Houston-Rockets Jerseys, through UNLVtickets.com or by visiting any UNLV ticket outlet.


    The full list of participating teams and their all-time records at NBA Summer League are listed below. For additional news and information about NBA Summer League 2013 please visit www.nba.com/summerleague.                         

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  • 3 Reasons to Buy and Sell Penny Stocks
    Whenever you are not investing in stocks at the end of some of today's back when they were actually used?

    Indians, but the majority will find it almost impossible to buy in the stock of their favorite companies because they're simply too expensive. Apple, for instance, Google now available for $ 780 per share to $ 422 per share.

    And so it was going to be many of his principal are puffed up in the stocks, and the fear of it fell out. Paul Sommerville, contributor, and is used in the financial counselor, recalls that, "a few years ago and then through his own gut-wrenching sell-offs".

    This will leave a small team that has the force of a recent case they are seeking to reap greater rewards in the near future. But when the it a holocaust, and the wood to the ground, into yourself more time.

    How it works
    When the minor orders to make their stocks available for the public to go and less than a dollar per share parts of them are called "penny stocks." Can easily and affordably small investors to buy them. Be regulated by the authorities along the other officials, are traded "over-the-counter" market rather than TITLE OF BACCHUS.

    There are several reasons I consider penny stocks I bought, but here are the three most compelling:

    I. Small investment in as many shares
    A penny in the stocks, you have the power to buy thousands of shares for the more important kind of a small amount of investment. Example, if 10 cents is a technology partner in the company, and do they sell $ 500 investment, you can own 5,000 shares. Risen to just $ 1.00 if your stock investment turned into $ 5,000.

    This is the place for you to buy stakes in a few time (greater power is in a summary form) in some of the stocks, that the siege of overpriced TITLE OF BACCHUS than two dollars here and there may work.

    2. On his return in a short time a huge amount of time
    And when some research with the help of in the side, you can try to explode penny stocks night. TITLE OF BACCHUS unlike most of the stocks that can take years to grow accustomed to penny stocks to double and even triple in one day.

    3. Easy to buy and sell
    Penny traded, just like stocks, the major stocks. This is simply dummy to dispose a buy and sell, and place in the sector of the traditional arts, as you can.

    Powerful fiction Trade
    As you probably know the quantity of the stock market has some kind of danger, as is the case with her. This is the reason, for the essentials of every penny you to carefully research and do your homework and investors to buy.

    One of the best tools on the market and researching the penny stocks follow the aptly named PennyStocks.com. The situation of the market daily, tracks, identifies high-potential companies, and offers regular "Hot Stock picks."

    Reports that between 2011 and 2012 PennyStocks each pick up a little after his kind subscribers were alerted. In the one case, of the race skyrocketed 10 cents, to $ 1.20 in just two weeks. This meant that the 500 $ 1,100 $ 6,000 percent of the gain rises quickly to the initial investment of $ 1,000 and $ 12,000 initial investment turns!

    We will be PennyStock one point, which administer and completely free. Signed, every e-mail address is the word around the world, and thou hast not asked to pay.

    Once you and to attend to learn more about in the penny stocks, be amazed at the numerous opportunities available to you. The secret of the success of your concern to some is the perfect combination. The more likely you will reap the rewards of amazing!

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  • Jazzie B: 'Fashion has been an integral part of what has made Soul II Soul' T-shirt by Soul II Soul - with their signature logo comic Jazzie B - has become a symbol of the club culture in the late 80s and early 90s, when the group has brought a distinctive black British style for the dancefloor. With the full range now republished by Harvey Nichols, Jazzie B reflects on 25 years of the Funki Dred The T-shirts have existed since the dot for us. We've been going since 1977 and was Soul II Soul since 1982. We came up with the project in 1979 - the original is by Derek Yates, who I went to school with. He drew the cartoon T-shirts and we issued in 1990. We came up with the Funki Dred - the idea was we came from a planet called Ard, and we were sent to earth as pleasure-givers, to put on parties and get into the funk. In those days, we were West Indian children who grow up in a country where we did not fit in. We were born in the UK, but nothing in the culture related to us. This was the idea behind the Funki Dred. We were about to be inclusive rather than exclusive, like other subcultures were. We have had elements of fashion, music, culture club. It was not just for blacks British people - it was for everyone. That's why our motto was: "A happy face, a thumpin 'bass, for a lovin' race."

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  • Refinery29-90s-cool-girls

    Since our spring 2013 fashion and beauty trend report shows, 1990 the name of a renaissance right now. Plaids, plain clothes, adult stresses roots and faded florals all marked a return to grunge-and where fashion leads, followed by pop culture. (The fact that it was online editor Randi Bergman live tweeting your way through each episode of the original 90,210 Netflix may have something to do with this ...) It is almost impossible to visit your favorite website, without coming over 90 reference years, as we rounded up 16 of the best links to show 1990 style is here to stay for a season or two, at least.

    16th Because we want to try this cool 90-year-girl beauty exercises immediately
    15th Also, all these proposals for clothing lines based off 90 years of TV shows, they would not look out of place in stores today
    14th Why spaghetti straps so popular again?
    13th Not to mention that Donatella reffing the Gianni-dress on the right is a dead tone for 90 years of an icon of safety pin dress

    Vice-Big Shiny Tunes--212. VICE proves that everyone's favorite album of 1997 is still in force to this day (allllmost!) this assessment Big MuchMusic in ShinyTunes 2
    Hell0-Giggles-bad-90s-songs11. However, not all 90 years old melodies that great, because this is ridiculous criticism song Hello Giggles shows

    10th And what could be more than 90 years to learn how to care for your Cindy Crawford-esque beauty mark?
    9th It is also entirely possible to shop view of 90 years of W magazine shoot today

    8th Even games are popular again! (Halo, Dream Phone!)

    7th Compare spring 2013 shows runway with these clips from various collections 1990

    -Beauty-Department-barely-there-waves6. Learn how to add a little sand 90 years and wave your hair

    5th Get inspiration Street Style of the 90 years of the New Museum of art themed party

    4th Now in 1990 the name beats 1960! (When it comes to choosing costumes to each decade in Romeo & Juliet, which is ...)

    Third As Kate Moss is still the most glamourous style so far

    Second Even unreasonable Mon Oscars hated Anne Hathaway may be considered an extension of backlash for Gwyneth Paltrow ... which started in the late 90's

    First And Tamagotchis are back on the scene and popular than ever, thanks to a new app [CBC]

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  • Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift will soon be the new girl on "New Girl". The "22" singer is confirmed to make a cameo on the season finale of Zooey Deschanel-starring Fox comedy.


    According to Entertainment Weekly has Swift been cast as Elaine, an "important guest" at the wedding Jess' (Deschanel) bestie, Cece (Hannah Simone). While details are thin on how "important" Swift a role to play in these newlyweds, we think wackiness will follow, given that ex Cece, Schmidt (Max Greenfield), is still harboring some feelings for her.


    Swift is scheduled to tape his May 14th appearance on the show next week during a break in her Red Tour. After playing shows on Thursday (March 28) and Friday in New Jersey, she'll have almost two weeks off before resuming the trek on 10th April in Miami.


    Singer's former acting credits include "CSI," "The Lorax" and "Valentine's Day". She also hosted "Saturday Night Live" in 2009. But it seems that Swift is prepping for this latest acting gig for a while, tweeting in November 2011, "Just so like, every episode of New Girl. Love." Judging by the casting, the feeling is mutual.


    While fans will have to wait a while to see Swift on "New Girl", they can check her out on the road in the weeks before. She explained what fans can expect when they stop at one of the dates: "I think that the visual portrayed on this trip would be, I guess, more adult and a little more mature than the stuff we've done in the past and. Believe in my previous album and my previous trips I have really liked to operate in the element of fantasy, and I think that this trip will incorporate a little more reality into the visual, which is nice. "

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